Kőbánya for OWD, AOWD divers

Here is your opportunity to try scuba diving in the beautiful Kőbánya system!


Diving in Kőbánya is recommended not only for advanced divers but also for beginners (OWD) as the main halls of the mine are open-air therefore they qualify as open water diving. As a beginner you can dive with us in the top areas which is already a special experience. The average dive time is 40 mins.

(If you are not sure of your skills, you can practice with us beforehand in one of our pool sessions.)


About the dive:


Here is what will happen after you sign up for a Kőbánya-dive:

After arriving to Kőbánya you will get to listen to a short presentation about the mine by the local guide. After this we ride by car into the mine. (Please bring warm clothes, average temperature is 8˚C.) We’ll park near the diving location, and go on a short sightseeing tour before getting ready for the dive. After a few instructions we get ready and checked by a cave diving instructior and start diving in the main hall. First we’ll get to observe the industrial objects left behind in the main hall. One by one we swim into the smaller halls with our flashlights. We are going to dive in Park-well, that is well lit. After the dive we keep a security stop at 5 meters. As the temperature of the water is 13˚C it is recommended to have a thick neoprene suit on or a dry suit (only if you are experienced diving in dry suit). You should wear gloves and cape as well! We can help you renting all the gears needed for the dive.


What is necessary for the Kőbánya dive?


  1. You should have at least an OWD qualification (beginner level) or AOWD (advanced level).
  2. You will fill out a form stating that you claim full responsibility for your dive.
  3. Sign up by email or by phone for the dive.

Minimum gear requirements (besides the basic gear for open water dive):

  • minimum 2 flashlights

We are organizing dives continuously, please contact us to be informed about the next dive. 

Dives start with min. 3 people.

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How much does the Kőbánya dive cost?

Kőbánya dive

Scuba Diving

  • 1 dive (42 Eur)
  • fee of the guide (8 Eur)
  • Gear rental, air
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Equipment rental

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Contact us if you would like to sign up or if you have any questions: info@tbkdivers.com.


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