Kőbánya for overhead technical (cave/wreck) divers

Are you a cave/wreck or overhead technical diver? 5 dive sites are waiting for you at Kőbánya!

Here is what will happen after you sign up for a Kőbánya-dive:

After arriving to Kőbánya you will get to listen to a short presentation about the mine by the local guide. After this we ride by car into the mine. (Please bring warm clothes, average temperature is 8˚C.) We’ll park near the diving location, and go on a short sightseeing tour before getting ready for the dive. After a few instructions we get ready and start our dive.  As the temperature of the water is 13˚C it is recommended to have a thick neoprene suit on or a dry suit (only if you are experienced diving in dry suit). You should wear gloves and cape as well! We can help you renting all the gears needed for the dive.


There are 4 black zones in Kőbánya. You can only enter these sites with double tank, suitable certifications and experience. You need minimum 100 dives to be able to dive here.

The dive sites are:

  • Kőbánya Park well (30 m)
  • Kőbánya Csírázó well (32 m)
  • Kőbánya Lyukas well (29 m)
  • Kőbánya Kerti well (36 m)


What do you need for the Kőbánya dive?

  • you should have overhead certification (overhead technical/cave/wreck), and suitable gear (if you don’t want to bring it with you, we can rent it to you)
  • you should sign a form stating that you claim all the responsibility for your dive
  • you should sign up for the dive either here, or in email or via phone

Gear needed for Kőbánya dive

  • 3 torches
  • wing (min. 20 l)
  • double tank or side mount (4000 l gas, min. 210 cm octopus, analogue pressure gauge)
  • dry suit
  • jump spool
  • spare mask
  • rope cutter
  • (stage tank filled with Nx32)

Sign up and we’ll organize a suitable date for you.

How much does the Kőbánya dive cost?

Kőbánya Discovery

Technical Diving

  • 1 dive at a dive site of your choice (15 000 HUF)
  • dive guide (3 000 HUF)
  • Gear rental, gas
18 000 HUF
Sign up now!

Kőbánya Park well

Technical Diving

  • 1db guided dive in Park well (12 500Ft)
  • guidance(2 500Ft)
  • Gear rental, gas
15 000 Ft
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Do you have questions? Write an email to info@paprikadivers.com[mailto]info@tbkdivers.com[/mailto].

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