“Kőbánya” former stone mine and beer factory, Budapest

merülés köbányán búvárkodás

Diving in a former beer factory and stone mine = welcome to our truly Hungarian specialty

The stone mine

The first written documents about the mine date back to the time of our King Bela IV. The palce was recognized for its high quality limestone. The stones mined here were used to build many of the historical monuments of Budapest – some of the palaces of Andrássy Avenue, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the pillaar of the Chain Bridge and the university library are great examples for this. Mining activity finished in 1890.

The beer factory

Many decades later an entrepeneur, Antal Dreher bought the area to build his beer factory here. The climate within the cellar was ideal to store and to produce malt. The tunnels were widened so that big trucks could also enter. In order to produce beer, one needs clear water, so wells were dug and the water was used. Later when it was no longer profitable to produce malt in Hungary, the mine was empty again.

The dive site

After the beer company moved out, the wells filled up and flooded the deeper levels. Right now this means 4 areas and 5 dive sites where diving became possible.

Practical info:

The biggest depth is around 30 meters, but if we add the distance from the surface then you can be 60 meters deep under the earth (approx. the height of a 20-story building.)

There are 5 dive sites in Kőbánya but only one can be dived with OWD certification, for the rest you nead an overhead (cave or wreck) certification.

Diving in Kőbánya is a great experience, however, be prepared that you will not be warm. The water temperature is approx. 13 C, the air temperature is 8 C, and there is no heated place around so you will have to dress and undress in relatively cold temperatures.  Also, there is no dive base within the mine so please think through and check your gear previously. Be prepared and bring warm clothing with you! Dry suit is recommended – if you cannot bring one with you, we gladly help renting one.


Discover Kőbánya as OWD, AOWD


Discover Kőbánya as overhead technical diver (cave/wreck)


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